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  • Ambrosial Zirconia Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

    Finely handcrafted cubic zirconia gemstones with a greenstone/moonstone in the centre to create a head turner bracelet, which fits all the occasions. The zirconia sterling silver bangle bracelet is ideal...
    Rs. 3,750.00
  • Boxy Trinket Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet

    It’s said that with a right jewelry you can change your look completely and Boxy trinket sterling silver bracelet glams-up almost anything in your wardrobe. The silver bracelet with stones...
    Rs. 1,850.00
  • Lambent Tennis Bracelet

    A minimal piece that will add abundance of bling to your attire. Lambent Tennis Bracelet is a big up for your casual to party wardrobe and gives an all-round statement...
    Rs. 2,900.00
  • Magnific Oval Silver Bracelet 925

    The elliptical silver bracelet 925 is here to add a touch of class to your outfit. A must-have zirconia bracelet that can enumerate the oomph to your party or ultra-sophisticated...
    Rs. 2,850.00
  • Marquise Trinket Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet

    Effortlessly classy and elegant, Marquise Trinket Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet adds glamour to your 9 to 5 look. Simple yet strikingly gorgeous, the silver bracelet is ultra-sleek, light weight and impeccably...
    Rs. 1,850.00
  • Mist Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

    Your search for an elegant and sparkling bright cubic zirconia bracelet ends here! The lucent droplets in the sterling silver bracelet look fresh on your wrist forming an ostentatious garland...
    Rs. 2,650.00
  • Pear Trinket Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet

    You need sleek sterling silver bracelet for the perfect sparkle throughout the day. This pear-shaped sterling silver bracelet is so light that you almost forget that you’re wearing an accessory...
    Rs. 1,850.00
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