Crisscross CZ Silver Ring
This Crisscross CZ Silver Ring is ideal for busy days that need a dash of panache. You can put it on and go about your day looking fabulous and easy-peasy. An excellent choice for stacking! Handcrafted in sterling silver with...
Rs. 2,850.00
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Snazzy Silver Stackable Rings
Perfection at its core, Snazzy Silver Stackable Rings are of immense value when it comes to style showcases. With the simplistic design and nitid character, these stackable rings can lit-up your overall look. The ravishing silver rings not just complement...
from Rs. 4,000.00
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Purl Wide Silver Band Ring
With the sparkle that can never fade away, Purl Wide Silver Band Ring is a creation with rarefied femininity and chic style. This silver broad band ring is not only versatile but also has the right amount of glamour that...
Rs. 3,500.00
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Blithe Green Zirconia Ring
For 9Kt & 14 Kt gold details WhatsApp us at +91 8826509050 The Blithe Green Zirconia Ring has the beauty that gives an extra edge to every look. This eye-catching band ring  is not only vibrant but extremely sturdy in...
Rs. 1,950.00
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Classic Minimal Band Ring
For 9Kt & 14 Kt gold details WhatsApp us at +91 8826509050 With glamour that can shine bright like the  sun and sublimity that can melt your heart,  the Classic Minimal Band Ring is impeccable. This petite band ring is...
Rs. 2,000.00
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Clinquant Garnet Silver Band
Vibrant and truly beautiful, Clinquant Garnet Silver Band is a classic statement in itself. The alluring design of the silver band with garnet gemstones in the middle can never fail in embracing your glow. This Silver Gemstone Ring can amp...
Rs. 3,050.00
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Zigzag 925 Silver Band
A classic and chic 925 silver band ring that creates sparks of light with its zigzag pattern to lit-up your look all day. When you go out of ideas or have no time to decide the right jewelry for your...
Rs. 4,100.00
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Ablaze Baguette Band
Here’s a baguette band ring that radiates sparkling vibes to lit-up your days and evenings. Enchanting and refined, this silver band ring has a sensual feel with a delicate look that adds enough sophistication to your look on a casual...
Rs. 4,000.00
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Empyrean Wide Silver Band
With fine craftsmanship, Empyrean Wide Silver Band is a powerhouse of dazzling elegance. This broad band silver ring gives the extreme luxe feel with twinkle of every cz sheathed in it. A perfect cocktail band ring that adds dynamic texture...
Rs. 4,500.00
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Sunlit Silver Eternity Ring
Vibrant and playful Sunlit Silver Eternity Ring would light-up your mood with its vivid happy colors. Handcrafted in emerald cut stones finely clutched in prong setting, the silver eternity ring unlocks abundance of positive and radiant vibes. We bet it...
Rs. 1,850.00
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V Sterling Silver Eternity Ring
Minimal V Sterling Silver Eternity Ring with chic design and high sparkle! Stack this eternity band ring with as many rings as you want to stay fashionable. Handcrafted in sterling silver, V Sterling Silver Eternity Ring has rhodium plating for...
Rs. 1,200.00
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Eternal Silver Couple Bands
The perfect way to say ‘I love you’ is with your eyes, add some more pride to your proposal with Eternal Silver Couple Bands. With Minimal design, couple rings are in for a reason - 'less is more'. Pick it...
from Rs. 2,900.00
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Infinity Silver Love Band
With a delicate touch of sparkle and great simplicity, Infinity Silver Love Band is designed for timeless elegance. The feminine band ring with its infinity shape celebrates the true love with its striking shimmer. You can wear this timeless silver...
Rs. 1,400.00
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Spark Sterling Silver Midi Ring
Reveal your snazzy side and shine on with dainty Spark Sterling Silver Midi Ring. Super sleek and delicate, the midi ring when stacked with cocktail ring/solitaire ring can elevate your ensemble. We would not like to restrict you from wearing...
Rs. 1,200.00
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Natty Sterling Silver Band Ring
Making everyday stylish? Consider it done with Natty Sterling silver band ring. The cubic zirconia band has the capabilities to level up your fashion game. You can wear it with casual outfits or stack it up with your classy solitaire...
Rs. 1,800.00
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Recherché Zirconia Sterling Silver Band
The sleek and chic sterling silver band combined with simplicity and classy shimmer is one brilliant elegant ring you can carry wherever you go. Perfect for the fashion maven and the women who are a fan of minimal jewelry. Recherché...
Rs. 1,500.00
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Mondaine Sleek Zirconia Silver Band
If you love minimal jewelry then sleek, subtle and snazzy, Mondaine sleek zirconia silver band is just meant for you. From weekend play to work you can keep it simple with the silver band or layer it on with your...
Rs. 1,550.00
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Twisty Zirconia Silver Band Ring
The distinctive overlapped silver band ring is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The sterling silver band has a unique spin of quirk and is high on style. You can play up this statement ring with almost any look...
Rs. 2,650.00
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Bold Sterling Silver Ring Band
Stack-up or wear alone, this Bold Sterling Silver Ring Band complements casual to formal outfits. A perfect example of simplicity personified with a strikingly modern and graceful clean lines and precision in this silver band ring. This silver band  is...
Rs. 1,700.00
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