Octet Minimal MangalSutra Pendant
Octet Minimal MangalSutra Pendant with exceptionally modern chain is perfect for the fierce and confident women of today. Modern silver mangalsutra enhances the grace and beauty of your work to traditional outfits. This minimal mangalsutra is a perfect addition for...
Rs. 3,700.00
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Perky Minimal Mangalsutra Pendant
With Perky Minimal Mangalsutra Pendant, Boldiful has rebooted the traditional mangalsutra for a modern woman making it timeless and effortless. Chic multi-faceted black beads motif in the minimal silver chain uplifts the elegant quotient of this all day wear silver...
Rs. 3,600.00
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Modern Silver Mangalsutra Pendant
A sacred jewelry piece of devotion, love and compassion, Mangalsutra is not just a jewelry piece but a traditional symbol of commitment, and this Modern Silver Mangalsutra Pendant adds a touch of glam and glitz to your days. The unifying...
Rs. 4,100.00
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Blaze Asscher Cut Mangalsutra
The Blaze Asscher Cut Mangalsutra symbolizes the lifetime promise of loyalty and love that you promised each other. Designed for everyday wear, this is our minimal take on the traditional black bead neckpiece. Also, check out the bracelet in this...
Rs. 4,800.00
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Finespun Band Ring
For 9Kt & 14 Kt gold details WhatsApp us at +91 8826509050 A bold and beautiful composition of minimal stones that runs through Finespun Band Ring makes it chic, glamorous and irresistible. This statement minimal band is as distinct as...
Rs. 2,500.00
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Pep Mangalsutra Silver Pendant
Intricate and ornate, Pep Mangalsutra Silver Pendant is a sparkling jewelry piece that gushes delicacy. This exquisite silver mangalsutra gives away a classy, minimal yet glamorous vibe to the outfit. An innovative version of the traditional mangalsutra pendants, this mangalsutra...
Rs. 4,000.00
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Blaze Asscher cut Mangalsutra Bracelet
Nestled in glory and sophistication, Blaze Asscher cut Mangalsutra Bracelet wraps delicately around your wrist with a supreme style. A piece that can lift up your spirits, this gorgeous mangalsutra bracelet intensifies the look and adds glamour to it. A...
Rs. 4,300.00
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Dyadic Minimal Ring
For 9Kt & 14 Kt gold details WhatsApp us at +91 8826509050 The allure of the Dyadic Minimal Ring goes beyond the bounds of perfection. Dainty as it is, gutsy as it gets, takes a gem to imagine what all...
Rs. 1,800.00
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