Purl Wide Silver Band Ring
With the sparkle that can never fade away, Purl Wide Silver Band Ring is a creation with rarefied femininity and chic style. This silver broad band ring is not only versatile but also has the right amount of glamour that...
Rs. 3,500.00
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Doozy CZ Cocktail Ring
Dive into the ocean of delicacy and glamour with jaw dropping gorgeous Doozy CZ Cocktail Ring. The undeniable elegance in this sterling silver ring ignites the true sense of sophistication with the extraordinary glory. The cocktail ring is a strong...
Rs. 3,900.00
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Bloom Pearl Cocktail Ring
Exceptionally beautiful like a joyous sunflower, Bloom Pearl Cocktail Ring is simply playful and bold. This sterling silver cocktail ring sorts out the style trouble that you go through while picking up the perfect piece with its signature aesthetics. With...
Rs. 3,850.00
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Tinsel Unique Cocktail Ring
Pairing the warmth of sterling silver with the glory of cubic zirconia stones, Tinsel Unique Cocktail Ring is nothing less than extraordinary. Meticulously crafted to mesmerize, this gorgeous ring can surely never go out of the style book. Beautifully and luxuriously put...
Rs. 4,300.00
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Floweret Oversized Cocktail Ring
Celebrate immense glamor and grace in every moment with the Floweret Oversized Cocktail Ring. Uniting the art of exquisite design and bringing the imagination to life, this silver cocktail ring makes a perfect match for bold, fierce souls. The aesthetic...
Rs. 6,000.00
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Sapid Oval Cut Halo Ring
Exceedingly elegant, Sapid Oval Cut Halo Ring features an enchanting arrangement of cubic zirconia stones to which no woman can say NO. Crafted with immense dexterity and excellence, this silver halo ring is adored by all the fashion enthusiasts too....
Rs. 2,300.00
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Flamboyant Emerald Cut Silver Ring
With grace and glamor from another world, the Flamboyant Emerald Cut Silver Ring is what extraordinary looks like. The Immensely classy green stone in the middle of the ring showcases scintillating elegance and transforms any outfit into nothing less than...
Rs. 6,500.00
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Wheedle Heart Solitaire Ring
Escape the ordinary with the beautiful and full of love, Wheedle Heart Solitaire Ring. Designed with the surreal elegance this heart solitaire silver ring will give your casual outfits an extra bit of a shine. Ultra- glamour and chic this...
Rs. 2,550.00
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Elliptical Red Onyx Silver Ring
Masterfully designed and beautifully implemented, the Elliptical Red Onyx Silver Ring is what you all minimalists need. This pretty red onyx ring transforms a boring look to an extremely fashionable one, try it on and you’d know what we mean....
Rs. 2,800.00
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Clinquant Garnet Silver Band
Vibrant and truly beautiful, Clinquant Garnet Silver Band is a classic statement in itself. The alluring design of the silver band with garnet gemstones in the middle can never fail in embracing your glow. This Silver Gemstone Ring can amp...
Rs. 3,050.00
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Zigzag 925 Silver Band
A classic and chic 925 silver band ring that creates sparks of light with its zigzag pattern to lit-up your look all day. When you go out of ideas or have no time to decide the right jewelry for your...
Rs. 4,100.00
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Zingy Minimal Silver Ring 
A playful design with chic dazzle, the dainty Zingy Minimal Silver Ring gives a perfect boost to your everyday styling. Modish structure of this simple solitaire ring reflects absolute sophistication and adds that glam factor you need for the day....
Rs. 1,800.00
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Rose Silver Ring
Rs. 1,500.00
Rose Silver Ring
The perfect hybrid of elegance and glamour, the Rose Silver Ring is all you need to make your days upbeat. Designed with superlative precision, this solitaire ring is a delicate yet super modern embodiment of a rose. This dainty silver...
Rs. 1,500.00
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Zesty Statement Cocktail Ring
A sumptuous fusion of dainty and tall, Zesty Statement Cocktail Ring is feminine yet exceptionally powerful to capture the attention of everyone. This statement solitaire ring is an exquisite amalgamation of filigree art and contemporary tall structure making it breathtakingly...
Rs. 5,500.00
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Ablaze Baguette Band
Here’s a baguette band ring that radiates sparkling vibes to lit-up your days and evenings. Enchanting and refined, this silver band ring has a sensual feel with a delicate look that adds enough sophistication to your look on a casual...
Rs. 4,000.00
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Empyrean Wide Silver Band
With fine craftsmanship, Empyrean Wide Silver Band is a powerhouse of dazzling elegance. This broad band silver ring gives the extreme luxe feel with twinkle of every cz sheathed in it. A perfect cocktail band ring that adds dynamic texture...
Rs. 4,500.00
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Nifty Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring
Magnify your radiance for the special day with Nifty Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring. The exquisite solitaire ring with curvy design creates a dramatic feminine elegance. Get ready to take your look with this showstopper cocktail ring to next level of...
Rs. 3,750.00
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Marvy Big Solitaire Ring
With an extraordinary sheen and elegance, Marvy Big Solitaire Ring is a powerhouse of style statement. Delicately designed with precision, the solitaire ring is feminine yet powerful. This Sterling Silver Zirconia Ring gives a bold vibe with tons of glamour...
Rs. 3,950.00
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Beguile Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring
Designed with precision and to enhance your daring style, Beguile Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring will match your glamorous spirit. This stunning silver band ring is luscious enough to make you stand out with stylish vibe. The ravishing and ultra-luxe...
Rs. 3,800.00
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Vitreous Silver Oval Cut Ring
Simple, classy yet sophisticated, the Vitreous Silver Oval Cut Ring is your right choice for subtle glamour. This gorgeous silver oval cut ring is a versatile piece that can be carried with casual, formal and party ensemble. Designed with eternity...
Rs. 2,200.00
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Faddy Sterling Silver Stackable Rings
For the days you want to look effortlessly elegant and stylish, Faddy Sterling Silver Stackable Rings are your way to perfect glamour. These creatively designed silver stackable rings are a combination of grace and glamour. These Sterling Silver Stackable Rings...
from Rs. 4,000.00
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Suave Moonstone Dainty stackable Rings
Stunning, Sophisticated yet modish Suave Moonstone Dainty stackable Ring would instantly quirk up your look. Crafted with playful purple zirconia stones on the sides, it truly gives an enchanting vibe with a stackable ring. Minimal and insanely gorgeous, wear this...
Rs. 3,000.00
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Willowy Princess Cut Ring
Simple geometric shape and a sensual twist with the modern design perfectly defines Willowy Princess Cut Ring. Dainty appeal of this sterling silver ring would give your ensemble some chic and subtle glamour. Pair it with your denims on a...
Rs. 1,900.00
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Evil Eye Silver Ring
Designed with elegance and executed with excellence, the aesthetically pleasing Evil Eye Silver Ring is a must have for many reasons. The evil eye motif, an ancient protective talisman, not only protects you but also gives a trendy and bohemian...
Rs. 1,350.00
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