Sapid Oval Cut Halo Ring
Exceedingly elegant, Sapid Oval Cut Halo Ring features an enchanting arrangement of cubic zirconia stones to which no woman can say NO. Crafted with immense dexterity and excellence, this silver halo ring is adored by all the fashion enthusiasts too....
Rs. 2,300.00
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Wheedle Heart Solitaire Ring
Escape the ordinary with the beautiful and full of love, Wheedle Heart Solitaire Ring. Designed with the surreal elegance this heart solitaire silver ring will give your casual outfits an extra bit of a shine. Ultra- glamour and chic this...
Rs. 2,550.00
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Elliptical Red Onyx Silver Ring
Masterfully designed and beautifully implemented, the Elliptical Red Onyx Silver Ring is what you all minimalists need. This pretty red onyx ring transforms a boring look to an extremely fashionable one, try it on and you’d know what we mean....
Rs. 2,800.00
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Vivid SIlver Cuff Ring
As bold as it gets, the Vivid SIlver Cuff Ring is made for extraordinary women who have an edgy style. It takes an unusual route of angular compositions at both ends and elevates the drama with a chic design.  Latest...
Rs. 1,850.00
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Zingy Minimal Silver Ring 
A playful design with chic dazzle, the dainty Zingy Minimal Silver Ring gives a perfect boost to your everyday styling. Modish structure of this simple solitaire ring reflects absolute sophistication and adds that glam factor you need for the day....
Rs. 1,800.00
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Rose Silver Ring
Rs. 1,500.00
Rose Silver Ring
The perfect hybrid of elegance and glamour, the Rose Silver Ring is all you need to make your days upbeat. Designed with superlative precision, this solitaire ring is a delicate yet super modern embodiment of a rose. This dainty silver...
Rs. 1,500.00
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Ablaze Baguette Band
Here’s a baguette band ring that radiates sparkling vibes to lit-up your days and evenings. Enchanting and refined, this silver band ring has a sensual feel with a delicate look that adds enough sophistication to your look on a casual...
Rs. 4,000.00
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Faddy Sterling Silver Stackable Rings
For the days you want to look effortlessly elegant and stylish, Faddy Sterling Silver Stackable Rings are your way to perfect glamour. These creatively designed silver stackable rings are a combination of grace and glamour. These Sterling Silver Stackable Rings...
from Rs. 4,000.00
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Duple Rose Sterling Silver Unique Ring
An exquisite combination of glamour and style in Duple Rose Sterling Silver Unique Ring is sure to enthral any onlooker. With a delicate and feminine appeal, this sterling silver ring can amp-up your dusk to dawn look or you can...
Rs. 2,200.00
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Flutter Silver Knuckle Ring
 Playful and chic Flutter Silver Knuckle ring is perfect for a party or a snazzy casual day. The modern sterling silver ring is expertly set to form gorgeous butterfly with sparkling zirconia crystals and a pearl. This midi ring is...
Rs. 1,700.00
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Cube Sterling Silver Ring 925
A perfect combination of daintiness and sophistication possessed by Cube Sterling Silver Ring 925 can keep you high on fashion wherever you go. The exceptionally glamorous sterling silver solitaire ring even though petite in size has an extravagant impact. With...
Rs. 1,900.00
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Strew Chunky Silver Ring
The perfect shinning Chunky Silver Ring for your casual and stunning look. Delicate with a touch of lightness and sprinkled zirconia stones, the silver ring 925 makes a statement irrespective of its small size. Gorgeously illustrated sterling silver ring has...
Rs. 1,550.00
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Edgy Leaf and Halo Silver Ring with Stones
Edgy Leaf and Halo Silver Ring with Stones is for the added boost of style. The stunning sterling silver ring expresses absolute femininity with its pretty shape and design. You can wear this to work or stack it up with...
Rs. 1,200.00
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Arcadia Cubic Zirconia Ring with Stackable Band
Sober, classy and uniquely delicate Arcadia Cubic Zirconia Ring with Stackable Band is the talk of the town. The timeless sterling silver ring with zirconia band not just adds a rich look but a stylish nod to your everyday wardrobe....
from Rs. 2,400.00
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Floret Fancy Cubic Zirconia 92.5 Silver Ring
*We follow US Ring Size (Check the product images to find your ring size in the size chart) Made in 92.5 Silver This ring weighs around 4 gms Beautiful design made in sterling silver  Perfect ring for daily wear  Rhodium...
Rs. 1,650.00
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Pinnate Leaf Elegant Zirconia 92.5 Silver Ring
  92.5 Silver Weighs 6.2- 6.8 gm and is adjustable Solid Zirconia Ring design Fine Sterling Silver finish Classy Pinnate Leaf design Handmade 925 silver jewellery Small Zircon studded stones all over Easy to store and maintain the look Perfect choice...
Rs. 2,500.00
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