Quaint Silver Bracelet
Class apart Quaint Silver Bracelet that can match every outfit with maximum grace and elegance. With a unique design, this sterling silver bracelet is something that can be adorned for subtle glamour and sophistication. Metal - Sterling Silver Stones -...
Rs. 4,200.00
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Starry Long Silver Necklace
Stylish yet sophisticated Starry Long Drop Necklace features intricate detailing of sparkling stars with gorgeous zirconia stones paved over them. This long drop silver necklace is an elegant showcase of a minimal design with excellence. Metal - Sterling Silver Stones...
Rs. 3,800.00
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Pep Silver Swarovski Halo Ring
With timeless style and luxury, Pep Silver Swarovski Halo Ring conveys its glory in a very elegant and sparkling way. This gorgeous silver ring expresses the best side of simplicity and glamour. Metal - Sterling Silver Stones - Swarovski 10mm, ...
Rs. 2,300.00
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Edgy Cocktail Silver Ring
Edgy Cocktail Silver Ring is a surprisingly elegant piece that can glam up your look within seconds. This luxurious sterling silver ring is one of our most iconic additions with a dazzling and sharp appearance, stunning enough to elevate any...
Rs. 3,300.00
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Trendy Sterling Silver Hoops
Stunning and striking, Trendy  Sterling Silver hoops are must haves for the uber chic days. As bold as it gets, these statement earrings would be an accessory you’ll carry always from casual days to evening dates.  Metal - Sterling Silver...
Rs. 2,550.00
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Black Pearl Silver Hoop Earrings
Futuristic design with a dash of glam is what Black Pearl Silver Hoop Earrings adds up to keep you high on style from conference to cocktail hour. A stylish and contemporary interpretation of the classic hoops with an outstanding twist,...
Rs. 4,100.00
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Gleamy Sterling Silver Earrings
With immense radiance that can light up your special day, Gleamy Sterling Silver Earrings are an impressive piece of jewelry with ease and elegance. The dazzling aesthetics of these earrings make them timeless and class apart. Metal - Sterling Silver...
Rs. 6,050.00
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Blingy Statement Silver Ring
Designed with immense creativity and precision, Blingy Statement Silver Ring has the  glamour that can never be tamed down. This statement ring looks so intensely luxurious that its radiance and spark is all you need to light up the room. Metal...
Rs. 7,200.00
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Doozy CZ Cocktail Ring
Dive into the ocean of delicacy and glamour with jaw dropping gorgeous Doozy CZ Cocktail Ring. The undeniable elegance in this sterling silver ring ignites the true sense of sophistication with the extraordinary glory.  Metal - Sterling Silver Stones -...
Rs. 3,900.00
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Chic Silver Pendant Set
With ultra-modern style and simple aesthetics, Chic Silver Pendant Set comes with enough sparkle to enhance your look by many folds. This stunning sterling silver pendant with earrings brings in a unique gorgeousness that appeals to every person who sees...
Rs. 6,900.00
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Pear Cut Bluestone Silver Pendant set
With exquisite design and the grace of  bluestone, the Pear Cut Bluestone Silver Pendant set enlightens your ensemble in every possible way. The beauty of this pendant set truly adds dazzle on your face and outfit. Metal- Sterling Silver Stones...
Rs. 5,850.00
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Dainty Silver Pendant set
Shine on with the minimal, stylish and chic Dainty Silver Pendant set. The gorgeous design and excellent detailing makes this casual to party pendant set so different from the usual and brings glamour with a minimalistic approach. Metal- Sterling Silver...
Rs. 4,000.00
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Sleek Green Pear Cut Pendant Set
Crafted to celebrate minimal jewelry, Sleek Green Pear Cut Pendant Set showcases impactful elegance despite its size. This silver pendant set is perfect for dusk to dawn glamour  Metal- Sterling Silver Stones- Cubic Zirconia Stone cut- Round, baguette, pear and...
Rs. 4,500.00
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Rad Sterling Silver Pendant with Earrings
Effortlessly elegant with edgy design, Rad Sterling Silver Pendant with Earrings can amp-up your look with its sheer class and radiance. With the right mix of the style and substance, the silver pendant set is crafted in dazzling cubic zirconia...
from Rs. 6,800.00
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Blush Pink Pendant Set
Made with the majestic selection of cubic zirconia stones, this Blush Pink Pendant set is the perfect bet for an evening to be momentous. The grandeur comes from the theatrical pear-cut pink gemstone that signifies sheer elegance.  Metal- Sterling Silver...
Rs. 9,100.00
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Moonstone Sterling Silver Necklace with Earrings
Delicate looking with a dazzling luxury, Moonstone Sterling Silver Necklace with Earrings gracefully enhances your outfit and shines passionately against your skin. Expertly crafted with oval cut moonstones and fine zirconia stones, the sterling silver necklace set is not just captivating...
Rs. 11,500.00
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Urbane Silver Necklace Set
With an oomph of modern elegance and sophisticated twist, Urbane Silver Necklace Set adds a delicate glamour. The choker necklace set wins all the attention with its sheen and effortless class. Wear it with a short black dress or your...
Rs. 6,000.00
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Verve Sterling Silver Necklace
For an ultra-unique yet lustrous look, the Verve sterling silver necklace is absolutely astonishing. Brilliantly designed and finely crafted with an array of cubic zirconia stones to create a chic look. Metal – Sterling Silver Stones – Cubic zirconia Stone Colour-...
Rs. 5,100.00
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Twine Silver Pendant Set
Here’s to making everyday a stylish affair and Twine Silver Pendant Set is your on point pick for work to evening exquisite look or even a sophisticated party dress up. The chic pendant set, available in both rose gold and...
Rs. 6,000.00
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Cochlear Sterling Silver Necklace with Earrings
Perfect for a cocktail hour, Cochlear Sterling Silver Necklace with Earrings can lit-up any ensemble – be it your after office party or a formal evening out with your sophisticated friends. This sterling silver necklace with earrings is neither bulky...
Rs. 6,500.00
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Frenzy Cocktail Silver Ring
A cocktail ring made in jewelry heaven, that’s how we define this supremely gorgeous Frenzy Cocktail Silver ring. A sure-shot statement maker cocktail ring is crafted in sterling silver with oval cut ruby pink stone in the centre with multiple...
Rs. 5,000.00
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Pulse Silver Danglers
Playful enough to catch the attention, Pulse Silver Danglers in Rose Gold Plating have the sparkle power to enhance everything in your wardrobe. Encrusted with fine zirconia stones, the sterling silver danglers will be your faves in just no time....
Rs. 2,500.00
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Contempo Zirconia Silver Danglers
Celebrate everyday in style with modern and classy Contempo Zirconia Silver Danglers. Sleek and light the sterling silver danglers have an extremely unique and captivating design, which complements ethnic and modern ensembles. Metal – Sterling Silver Stones – Cubic zirconia...
Rs. 2,400.00
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Cher Sterling Silver Danglers
Experience the breath-taking radiance and beauty with Cher Sterling Silver Danglers. The glamorous combination of elegance and shimmer, these sterling silver earrings are available in rose gold and silver plating Metal – Sterling Silver 92.5 Stones – Cubic zirconia stones...
Rs. 2,600.00
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