Our Response to COVID-19

In today's uncertain times we want to be certain of the most important thing- your SAFETY!

Our warehouses and workshops are working on a limited capacity right now but we are committed to follow all the safety guidelines and avoid any outbreak.

The staff is always equipped with face masks and safety gloves while at work. We are deep cleaning our facilities every day before starting the day.

At Boldiful, we are following best practices to sanitize jewellery products to be shipped. All the exchange and return products are also sanitized at the time of receipt.   


What you can do when you receive the shipment?

  • Open the package and discard everything that is not required right away.
  • Wash the jewellery with warm mild soapy water and dry off with a towel before trying on the product.
  • Wash the cloth based packaging in laundry if you want to re-use it.
  • Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water.

Please be informed that these steps are for your safety because the package exchanges a few hands before reaching you.

Shipping Update

Shipping open across India except the restricted red zones.

Thank you for your trust and we appreciate your support in these tough times. We are trying our 100% to fulfill your orders within the available resources. Please accept our apologies on the delays and unavailability in some locations. We are bound to follow the government enforced restrictions to ensure safe business for the community. 

Stay Safe!

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