How to Rock Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape?


Boldiful is happy to introduce the style guide for choosing the right silver earring for your pretty face. No women can deny or neglect the importance of earrings for any look, casual or formal. As I write this, I am imagining silver danglers jazzing up my black woollen dress at the holiday dinner. I am sure you do that too. Even in winters, a pretty earring can modify your look from drab to fab. I am an earring enthusiast, for sure. Every time I see a classy earring, I board my dream rail to finding the right attire to team with it.

But, how to know what to choose? Well, it’s a lot more than just picking a colour or shape for your favourite accessory. While it is mostly a matter of your style, you should know the type of earring that goes best with your face shape. You will be surprised when you see how choosing the right earring can highlight your face shape & your unique features. 

Now, it’s time to put this aside, and dive into the “real talk”.  Below mentioned is our list of different women face shapes and their complementing earrings guide.

Types of face shapes


Oval Face 

An oval face is less angular, and it narrows down from the cheeks to the chin making the oval shape. The forehead is as broad as the cheekbones. It is said that women with oval face shape look good in almost every style of earrings. If you are unable to figure out the exact shape of your face, you probably have an oval face. Women with oval face look amazing in dangling oval shape earrings. It helps accentuate the shape of their face and make it look symmetrical. Another excellent choice will be a tear-drop dangling earring.

Round Face 

Round faces are also called circular faces and appear to be widest at the cheekbones. It seems similar to an oval face but is more circular. Round faces often appear puffy, and you might want to choose the right kind of earring shape. To achieve a slimmer look, avoid wearing dangling round earrings and circles. The best choice will be opting for long, sleek and angular designs. Remember, our goal here is to add length to your face and make it look less broad.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a forehead that is wider than the cheeks and narrows down like a heart. Women with a heart-shaped face have an angular jaw, so it is important to accentuate their eyes, jawline, and cheekbones. While choosing earrings, look for pieces with elongated lines and curvy earrings like dangle, teardrop, and chandelier type of earrings. Avoid earrings that becomes thinner at the bottom or studs. Similar to oval face shape, the teardrop is an excellent choice for you! 

Square Face

For a square face shape, the width of the forehead, cheeks, and jaws is almost same, which resembles the shape of a square. Wear earrings that soften the cheekbones and jawline like round designs, oversized hoops that reach the jawline. Avoid all kinds of wide and square shape earrings, even studs. The best look can be achieved by wearing long, dangling, teardrops, exaggerated shapes and hoops.

Narrow Face

Narrow faces are very similar to a square space but just a little long, that is why people also call it a rectangle face. We can make a narrow face look little small by adding width to the face and make it look soft. Long dangling earrings make your face look smaller in length, choose earrings that have elongated curves to add softness.  Round and clustered earrings will take attention from the range of your face. Long dangling pearl earrings, clustered earrings, large size hoops are the best choices.

Diamond Face

Diamond shape face is broad in the middle area of the face, i.e., from the eyes to the jawline. We suggest choosing earrings that have curves, dangles, round shapes and hoops that accentuate. Try to balance the angles and sharpness of your face. Avoid wearing dangle earrings with a diamond shape, to be more precise avoid the diamond shape as it will contradict your face shape. Wearing a chandelier style of earrings that are big at the bottom is an excellent choice for a fancier look. Prefer studs for a casual look.

With this, we wrap up our earring style guide here. Don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions with us. We always like to hear about your experiences trying our super cool tips; pictures are welcome too!

If you have more tips to rock the perfect earring look according to the shape of your face, please do share your images with us using #boldifulme on Instagram.

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