How to Choose Jewellery for Chic Casual Days and Evenings


Are you going to your best friend's house warming party? Are you planning a new year's party? We are here to take your mind off the jewellery style and help you crack a chic look for casual days and evenings. 

Sometimes getting ready and finding the ideal look takes all your time and leave you exhausted even before the real fun begins. You might have everything right in front of you, but if you haven't planned it already, it may seem tedious to sort the right piece from that huge pile. We've all been there.

With this write- up, we want you to fully utlise your overflowing jewellery collection at next casual get together. If there is not something there, we can always shop online for sterling silver jewellery from Boldiful. So, let's begin and get you to be your best fashionable self.  

Chunky & Large Earrings to Pop-up the Entire Look

 A casual/ plain dress is often your first choice for such get-togethers, and you aren't wrong. They are comfortable, chic and easy-peasy to wear and look not-so-planned. Large earrings can be something to give it just a dash of fancy and look fabulous. Pair colourful ones with one-tone dresses and vice versa for printed dresses. 

A light bracelet or watch will complete this look for a glitz entrance.

Boldiful's choice for you would be this exclusive Grandeur Cubic Zirconia 92.5 Silver Earrings.

Sterling silver earrings

Stack Up to for Major Fashion Goals

Some meet-ups might be ideal for revealing your luxurious style. Make a statement at your boss's bday party with sleek but multiple jewellery accessories. The key to a casual stacking look is to accentuate one area at a time. Drive the attention to your neck with stacked neckpieces on a low neckline or play with midi rings along with a cocktail ring.  

You might have a few necklaces of different length in your collection, take them out and decide what goes together. Stick to thin chains and small pendants to stack up like a pro. Single chain bracelets or bangle bracelets also stack up with the watch effortlessly. 

If you see the need, wear matching pumps or high heels to perfect the recipe of an uber-cool look.

Boldiful's stacking choices are right here - Sleek Zirconia Band 92.5 Silver Ring, Silver Pendant Chain, Midnight Blue Cubic Zirconia Silver Bracelet , Marquise trinket sterling silver bracelet, Airy Asscher Cut Zirconia Silver Necklace

Pure silver bangles
Ladies silver bracelet

Flashy Cocktail Ring to stand out 

Standing out is all about drawing attention to yourself, and nothing can do that better than a statement piece of jewellery. Whether it is an after-work meet up of old college friends or meeting peers at happy hours, a cocktail ring can save the day. 

Find something from your collection that can single-handedly change the whole work look to play. Sterling silver rings are your safe bet if you will be able to change clothes because they go with everything. Choose something quirky, unique and modern with formal attire and a colourful chunky ring with traditional Indian wear like short Kurti.

This time pick a more vibrant handbag that goes with the look and a watch. Our designer's tip for such parties always begins with these popular and statement silver rings: Belle Fancy Cocktail Ring.

Silver ring with stone

Now that this is out of your hair concentrate on getting the whole look together. Remember, it is not about how you look. It is about how you feel. If you would rather keep it subtle and choose a sleek piece of jewellery, go ahead and do so. We believe; your gut is always right, and if you are happy, no party can suck!

Few things to keep in mind: 

  • The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be.
  • Drive attention to one of the areas. For instance, If you are wearing a classy watch that stands out, don't wear any large ring or bracelet.
  • Try to contrast your attire while adding colours.
  • Keep one focal point of your look- one noticeable accessory.
  • Play with your existing style but not too much.
  • Try several accessories and make changes as you like.
  • Take inspiration from your favourite celeb looks, especially the airport looks. 

Most of all, whatever you decide, don't forget to wear your smile and look like you own the look. Drink up, crack jokes or flaunt your Pictionary skills, have a good time and make memories! 

Let us know what you think about these tips in the comment section. 

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