How to Style Sterling Silver Jewellery for Work


Getting ready for office is a task! It takes a lot of time and thought to nail the professional look because you are not just trying to look good, you are trying to look work-appropriate.

Icing on the cake- if you have a work-meeting or presentation. It takes forever to nail the perfect dress and jewellery that gives you the confidence and ease of being amazing at what you do. We all have been there and know how it feels.

To make sure you have a fabulous day, every day at your workplace, our designers have put together some looks with your favourite Boldiful gems. So pull up your work pants. Fix your glasses. And get your jotter ready because we are about to unveil some fresh ways to style your sterling silver jewellery in a jiffy.

Luxe fashion jewellery

First things first

Your choice of jewellery should be inspired by your profession, your work culture, office environment and your style. Think like a designer- consider all aspects of your professional life to choose the overall fashion style at your workplace, be it the attire or accessories. Be unique in your way by marrying the two- your style and the standard in your industry.

With our help, you will be able to style your work closet in no time. Let us break it down for you. Here is the complete guide on how to style sterling silver jewellery for work.

Corporate & Formal Workspaces

A  Business facing Job, sales, law and other similar roles that requires you to dress up professionally doesn't have room for too many accessories. But who says it has to be lifeless with just a few things to wear. Minimalistic jewellery can be a game-changer for you. The corporate queen in you can shine amid all the number crunching and throat-cutting competition.

Pick one is you want to accentuate with the best of silver jewellery like hands or neckline. Ditch the vintage pearl necklaces and revive the look of your formal shirt by stacking two sleek pendant chains. Or pair the classic french manicure with a solitaire ring that shines brighter than the star performer.

Luxury jewellery

Our pick: Vitreous Silver Oval Cut Ring, Peachy Halo Sterling Silver Ring, and Beau Cubic Zirconia Pendant

Semi-Formal Workspaces

 If you work in a little relaxed profession like journalism, marketing or medical, there is always scope for some experimentation. Take a step ahead and add a pinch of your style to your work attire. Steal the spotlight with perky jewellery pieces from your collection by creating a balance between bold and subtle. From brainstorm sessions to camera-ready situations, be confident and look your best with shiny little armours in the precious metal.

For dresses- Pick attractive silver bracelets that go beyond the simplicity of usual chain bracelets and leather watches. Stack rings and create breathtaking combinations, just like this one.

Silver modern jewellery

Our pick: Trillion Morganite Minimal Ring, Moonstar 925 Silver Necklace, and Runic Amterine Minimal Pendant 

Casual Workspaces

Creative fields like media, fashion and event management, have an open and friendly work environment. Your work attire may range from a short floral dress to a traditional Indian kurti, basically everything in your wardrobe. Good news! You can use almost all of your accessories at work. But this doesn't mean everything goes. Make sure you don't overdress and feel comfortable to carry your look all through the day while juggling several roles in a dynamic work environment.

The trick is to establish a style with distinct jewellery choices while keeping it simple. So, think different but not too loud. 

Ladies silver bracelet

Our Pick: Swingy Charm Bracelet, Wings Garnet Chain Ring, and Racy Blue Topaz minimal ear studs from the minimal collection.

If done right, your appropriate work look can make you feel confident and keep it refreshing while you chase deadlines and meet clients. It is not always easy to get a break when we want, but changing your fashion game can change the outlook you walk into work. So, keep looking Boldiful and doing what you do best.

If you try any of these looks to style your sterling silver jewellery, we would love to hear from you in the comment sections.

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