Modern Silver Jewellery to Match Summer Fashion Trends 2020


We all are looking forward to Spring 2020 fashion trends but any look is incomplete without modern jewellery to make it really standout. So once you give your wardrobe a refresh, here are some must-have jewelry pieces to exalt your outfit.

Bermuda & Short Suits for Work 

With Bermuda and short shorts suit back in fashion for cool and comfortable workwear 2020, we are sure you couldn’t have ignored one of these outfits, here’s how you can amp-up your work to casual day in office look with sparkling Boldiful silver jewellery.

  • Poppy Swarovski Big Silver Stud Earrings and Cupola Solitaire Cocktail Ring to stylize this kind of a short shorts suit. The two beauties are perfect to match the comfortable yet glamorous look. A little more stacking with our minimal trinket bracelets would balance out the other two oversized accessories.
    Sterling silver studs
    Designer cocktail rings
    • Very much wearable to any workspace, cool casual Bermuda suit for playful and free-spirited fun look. You can style this kinda Bermuda suit with our Posy Silver Pendant Set in Matte Yellow and Silver Plating or keep it uber-chic with rose gold plated Peacock Tail Sterling Silver Earring.
    Silver hoop earrings

    60’s Tropical Prints

    Summer in and all the colourful floral prints out! This spring 2020, we all are doing it in 60’s style. Enhance the floral motif with simple and elegant minimal accessories and let your florals shine on.
    • Neoteric Silver Pendant Set with Chain will add a little more modern twist to your look with lots of sense of glamour or you can also go for Spike Silver CZ  Pendant Set to enhance it ‘the 60’s way’.
    Silver pendant set with chain
    • Fulgent Citrine Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with filigree art is sure to complement your tropical print. Since the cuff is big and glamorous we recommend minimal Harmony Small Silver Stud Earrings and Stellar Solitaire Silver Zirconia Ring or stack it up with Boldiful Band Rings to make a stunning statement.
    Silver band rings

    Polka Dots

    Go an extra mile with your polka dots trend 2020 in all colours, sizes and asymmetrical shapes by adorning it with the right and absolutely glimmering modern silver jewelry. Here’s your style guide for the same
    • The Pellet Silver Zirconia Necklace and Zirconia Drop Earrings along with Rococo Solitaire Silver Ring to add minimal yet sophisticated glamour to your polka dots ensemble.

    Dainty necklaces silver

      • For a bit more casual look you can opt for Cluster Silver Hoops or Spunky rose gold earrings and also pair them with our Lambent Tennis Silver Bracelet in Rose gold/ silver plating or with Edgy Minimal Silver Bracelet from our Limited Edition.

      Modern silver jewellery

      So it’s time for you to stay high on fashion and hit a refresh to your jewelry box with modern silver jewellery along with the wardrobe. We will share the colours of the season and jewellery trends to follow in 2020 soon.


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