How to Store and Care for Sterling Silver Jewellery?


If you like to wear and own silver jewellery, you probably know this metal tends to get oxidised (turn black-ish) with time, especially when it constantly comes in contact with air, water, sweat. chemicals or perfume. And to keep your sterling silver jewellery shiny and bright, you need to follow a care routine once in a while. We have a silver cleaning method for everybody, on-the-fly or full-on Marie Kondo style.   

Taking care of your sterling silver jewellery is easy and inexpensive. Also, some of the best ways to care for your sterling silver jewellery are hassle free DIYs done at home.   

Scenario 1: You are about to leave for the party in 15 minutes, and you found a perfect matching old silver ring that has turned slightly black. 

Quick Fix

Rush to your bathroom. Get a few drops lemon and little toothpaste on an old toothbrush or makeup brush, gently apply it on the plain silver part. If there are gemstones like cubic zirconia or others, use a cloth/ wet wipe to massage the stones with mild soap (hand wash) and water solution. Pat lightly with a hand towel to dry.

Scenario 2: Your daily wear silver jewellery needs just a touch of shine and sparkle. 

Touch Up

Take a small pan and add 2 cups of water, half a spoon washing detergent and half a spoon turmeric powder. Put it on a stove and let it come to a boil. Close the stove and remove the pan. Add your sterling silver jewellery and cover the lid. Let it sit for around 8-10 minutes. Drain out excess water from the pan and add cold water. Now, remove the jewellery and rub it gently with a small brush to remove any stubborn dark spot. Rinse and pat dry the jewellery.

Scenario 3: Over the weekend, you are planning to clean your PLAIN silver jewellery collection that is tarnished and needs cleaning.

Deep Cleaning 

Take a heavy bowl and place a square cut-out of the aluminum foil at the bottom. Add a spoon full of baking soda powder around the foil. Put all the jewellery items on top of the foil and slowly pour slightly hot water over it. It will mix the baking soda in water. If not, you can try to dissolve it using a spoon or wooden stick. Set it aside for 20-25 minutes. Rinse it with water and let it dry on a soft towel.

Some Tips to Keep your Silver Jewellery Safe and Sound:

  • Clean your silver jewellery before storing it away for your next use with mild soap and water solution to remove any chemical or substance that can cause tarnishing.
  • Store your silver at room temperature, preferably cold, in an airtight bag like ziplock to avoid getting oxidised. Wrapping in a soft cotton cloth or cotton may provide better results too.
  • Keep silver jewellery pieces separately to avoid tangling and breaking fragile designs.
  • Use only soft cotton cloth to rub or clean jewellery. Anything even slightly rough in the texture may get scratches on the surface.
  • Do not wear silver while doing contact sport or water activities, like swimming. They may make the jewellery tarnish because of high chlorine content.
  • Also avoid contact with household/ cleaning chemicals, perfumes, hair products or deodorants.

How to Clean Silver Jewellery with Other Gemstones

Some gems like opal are sensitive to a few cleaning substances and might need a precise cleaning routine. Please consult the merchant, from whom you bought it, before getting your sterling silver jewellery with other gemstones getting cleaned professionally. Cleaning method for a silver gemstones ring may vary from a gold gemstone ring. We suggest making sure and following the right way to clean your jewellery. 


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