5 Budget Ideas for this Valentine's Day


This Valentine day, we are sharing some fresh ideas to steal the heart of the woman of your dreams. These are not only swoon-worthy but pocket friendly.

We all have been there when we want to have a great time, but the pocket doesn't allow. Uggh lets move on from this daily drama and get you going on creating a special day for your special lady this Valentine's day.

If you want a quick fix, our Gifts Under 2500 collection is your saviour. Browse. Order. Receive. Yep! Its that simple. If you are the hopeless romantic types, please read on:

  1. Recreate your first date: You can't go wrong with this one. First dates are always closest to heart. Relive the moments from your first date and get mushy over those first-time feels. Plan the day just like your first date to create a similarity that will sweep her right off her feet. It is a great way to realise how far you have come together since you first went out (even if it didn't go well at that time!) And how it was the perfect beginning of your relationship. 
  2. Get a personalised gift or DIY: Your regular gift ideas need a makeover if you are planning to do something different this time around. Imagine how cool it would be if you gift her something made exclusively for her. Put in a little more effort this time and you most likely you will be rewarded likewise (wink, wink, if you know what we mean). Say it with a piece of personalised jewelry, and order Fab Initials Personalised cuff bracelet with her initials studded in fine cz stones made in sterling silver. 
    Pure silver rings for women
  3. Home Date Night: Surprise her with an exclusive home date night. Go all-in with a restaurant-style candlelight dining and prepare a food menu so that she knows what's in store for her! Watch a movie, play your favourite card game or indulge in a romantic conversation on the balcony. Surprise her with the Arcadia Cubic Zirconia Ring with Stackable Band to make it even more memorable. Don't underestimate the power of cosy chats and little gestures! Who knows? Maybe this becomes your regular date ideas for the days when you don't feel like stepping out.
    Sterling silver band rings
  4. Spoil Her: She might have everything and can buy anything she likes, but there is never enough silver jewelry in a lady's collection. Boldiful's Te Amo Valentine's Day Collection has exclusive designs that will make her fall in love with you all over again — handcrafted in 925 silver these accessories have cocktail rings to pendant sets starting for as low as 1500 INR.
    Ladies bracelet silver

We promise these sterling silver jewelry gift ideas will make your valentine date extraordinary in every possible way. What gadgets are for men, silver jewelry is for women.

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